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Science esters “Firefly: Browncoats Unite today: Why Joss Whedon cult some TV shows a bright flame and disappear quickly. Others ignite and burn for years. Firefly by Joss Whedon that too. science fiction opus just asked for a 11-episode run on Fox in 2002, but produced a lively unique afterglow through … details

/ I> Why Science as a fun From the Editor: Beau Lotto is founder of hybrid art studio and science lab Lottolab in London. He spoke at TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, UK, in June. TED is a nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth spreading”, it provides a web- … More on CNN >
Alaska ice tested as a potential new source of energy Anchorage, Alaska – a mile underground in Prudhoe Bay, to take made a huge field that helped cause the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the rig is that it will one day be used by other major source of energy. U.S. Department … details

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ADS-CON symposium examines scientific data Revolution

ADS-CON this symposium examines science The Revolution New York, NY – (Marketwire – January 7, 2013) – Media6Degrees (m6d), a pioneer of advertising technology marketing revolution ProspectRank ™ platform, today announced that it would take half a day symposium on the impact. .. More on

/ I> 10 questions different from the actual science fake I run a science today is the fact that consumption is only due to the fact that we read in the media or discuss at News24. “Scienceness” We sold through advertising, store / pharmacy brochures, billboards, and our social circles, too. details Allegheny Science of the hall to find eco-friendly renovation , but it was up to $ 4.7 million restoration of the building into a new center for the University of Richard J. Cook for Environmental Science. Now the students go to the lobby and greeted herb garden, wall hanging … the general details

‘Elf and safety gone mad

ELF and safety gone mad Two-thirds of respondents believed that the improvement of the security audit laboratories, senior researchers are much more likely to agree than juniors. But two-fifths believe that safety training “focuses on compliance with the rules of learning, not … details The Guardian (blog)

/ I> your brain on Big Bird are just beginning to use brain scans to understand how people thought process in real-world experience. For example, the researchers compared the scans adult movie entertainment to see if a similar neural responses … more about Eureka! Science News

online comments hurt Science sense, receive research A new study found that only 12% of Americans are turning to newspapers and web sites for science news magazine, but if they do, they can be affected so much by the comments at the end of history, because they are in the report itself. read more

Science News

Top 10 calls for Brain Science in 2013 Neuroscience, behavioral science, evolutionary biology, economics, engineering, humanities, and even all came to the proverbial table in recent years. More of the same, with more players coming to the party, but can help build that … details to say “Peking Man” was more stylish than they thought December 15, four of the scientists gathered in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum to update their recent results. Three scientists – Xing Gao Yue Zhang and Zhang Shuangquan – Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of … More on India intends to contribute to the “B” science Expenditure plans, which would be a great boost to spending Indian science and makes the country participated in various international research projects has given researchers a festive mood unexpected. Recommends twelfth India’s five-year plan … details Oroville High students learn science to the park Lassen Oroville school senior trip in late September, Lassen Volcanic National Park for a camping trip and scientific expedition, which was made possible by a grant from the Foundation Park Lassen. The group stopped for four days in Butte Lake Lassen Park, … details

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Oregon students stampede not science , technical and health majors

Oregon students stampede not science , technical and medical specialties OIT.JPG View full size Oregon Institute of Technology campus in Klamath Falls and Wilsonville, Going-public universities in Oregon for a degree in allied health fields, and a number of other high-tech high-wage region. But, like the others … details Peter Higgs was awarded the Companion of Honour in New Year honors list Elsewhere in the world of science, the professor of physical chemistry at Oxford Carol Robinson, known for his pioneering work on the structure of molecules, Dame. Susan Gibson, Professor of Chemistry at Imperial College London, the previous … details The Guardian >

Michigan Science Centre holiday opening celebration

Michigan Science holiday opening celebration center While it was not quite a Christmas miracle, hundreds of metro Detroiters and museum professionals are satisfied that the new Michigan research center open to the public today. Except for two years, Noel Night celebration, post Detroit … details

/ I> Sanford lab attracted national attention: Excellent Science increases . .. LEAD – Scientific activity is ramping up in Sanford Laboratory and local funds to create some of the national media attention the world is waiting anxiously by the scientific community working dark sensitive detector materials around the world. “When … details Black Pioneer Hills

M. Frederick Hawthorne to receive the National Medal of Science named after MF Hawthorne, director of the International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine at MU, the recipient of the National Medal of Science for his work with the chemical element boron. Hawthorne developed a technique called boron … details

2012: People of the Year

2012: People of the Year … 55, during the “Sky At Night” host away in December at the age of 89 years. (Copyright: Keystone / Getty). Hide header. A collection of photos of some of the science and the biggest names in technology over the past 12 months – and those whom we left in 2012 details BBC News

Stories 2012: Teacher awarded Leadership in Science In February, was honored Merrimack High School teacher Sean Muller on Chiúbachais Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the New England Patriots and 98.5 Sports Center as the winner of Science Education Leadership Award. Also … More on

Science News

Ballet not rocket science , but the two are not mutually exclusive, or In the spring of 1983, Roger began a petition drive raft of sorts in Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. He did not lobby for political reasons or for better cafeteria food. Raft wanted to finish early, and it is necessary for teachers to register. It was … details

/ I> Science hosts St. Xavier Demo Xavier College students making the flame Ruben dance pipes in harmony with their play, and the definition of sexual harassment faced by fish. On Friday, the college started a two-day festival of science between-collegiate «Paradigm 12 ‘. The first … details

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Science publishing: open access must be enabled to use to open There are legal issues, but a tool that gives the right to be re-used in any way that research scientists can imagine: Creative Commons license. Easier and more efficient to determine the exact right reuse. Creative Commons … details Barnstable teacher uses science , to dispel the fear of the end of the world | Barnstable High School astronomy teacher Michael Gyra on hydrogen gas protection | escape lights a hole in the top of the egg. Gyra light through history asking doomsday on Friday to explore a variety of materials … details Cape Cod Times (subscription)

Scientists demystify IQ: Measurement of the concept of information One December 19, 2012 – After a study of more timely information about the record, West University research team led by the conclusion that the concept of a single factor is a measure of information or special standardized IQ test to be misleading. Read more Science Daily (press release)

As cars taught science tenth graders

Car How pedagogy tenth graders In addition to my mom and dad, some of the most influential and important people in my life, my teachers and coaches. I actually decided to become a teacher in the middle of my senior year of college. After a conversation with my high school English teacher … details Huffington Post

/ I> Science Weekly podcast: The Higgs boson, dark matter and dark energy Lisa She eBook Discovery Higgs, showing thinking particle physics and why the existence of the Higgs particle tips understanding of the fundamental laws of physics, including including clearer … details

/ I> How to get fossil fuels out of ice cream and soap wrote in PNAS, the researchers showed emerging field of synthetic biology be used to manipulate the hydrocarbon chemicals found in soaps and shampoos, in the cells. Such a development, with colleagues from the University of Turku found … details Eureka! Science News

/ I> Honey is changing Science & Environment · Health · Nutrition · Email this page Print this page Pin It. Smoked out: beekeeper runs social business Kenyan Honey Care Africa, harvest honey in the nearest farm Kakuzi, central Kenya. Smoke less aggressive bees. Read more BBC News

Sorry Kron: Science We can say now is your age your skin

Kron Sorry: Science We can say now is your age your skin Kron Sorry: science can say now is your age your skin you do everything you could not deny that you are getting older – you put your love knitting, you have to wear uncomfortable shoes, and there is old age … Read more numerous Indonesian Science International papers published in journals Sudarmonowati Enny, research manager with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), said Indonesian writers must arm the necessary skills to interpret the results of the study. In addition, they need to produce excellent research papers in … details

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